For Honor Concept Arts

More than 2 years of no posting of production works, I can finally post a few concept arts for For Honor, a new IP from Ubisoft. 

These concept arts were published by Ubisoft to feature “The art of For Honor” cover story for Imagine FX Issue 141 with interviews of our concept art team members including myself.

To discover more about our exclusive concept design development story


Far Cry 4 Concept Arts

Visual development and conceptualizing Art Direction of the project which has been critically and commercially acclaimed with its breathtaking visual and graphic. Among images below, three images were released and featured for the marketing for E3 2014, Game Informer Issue 255 and Official Ubisoft Blog.


New Website


Hello, I am happy to launch my personal website for the first time ever :)
It's a combination of project works and personal works though works are dated since projects takes years and years and it's hard to commit my own time after work for personal concepts.

But lot more to come! hope you enjoy my new website!


Watch_Dogs Concept Art

Here are the pre-production concept arts for the Watch_Dogs done in 2010-2011.


Game Informer - Far Cry 4 Cover Story

I am glad to be the part of the cover story with my concept art of Far Cry 4 in Game Informer July 2014 (Issue 255) as well as the Exclusive Concept Art Gallery on Game Informer.com (Click here). In the magazine, you will find the in depth game development story with gorgeous concepts and screenshots. Digital Edition includes high quality images with a special interview from the team. I'm honored and thank to the team for making this happens.